The Fife Yacht Association is an independent non-profit organization, founded by a passionate group of owners and lovers of the magnificent boats designed and built by Scotsman William Fife with the purpose of gathering, sharing and promoting information regarding these timeless ladies of the seas.


1. Maintain and enhance an “open source” web portal gathering, organizing and disseminating the history and documents relative to the work of the Fife boatbuilding dynasty.

2. Promote studies, research and new articles on the restoration techniques employed in the salvaging of Fairlie      yachts, as well as Fife’s style.

3. Create a unique updated register listing all of the surviving Fife vessels and related info.

4. Promote the painstaking endeavor undertaken by many Fife boat owners to restore these vessels to their glory while adhering to the original guidelines, techniques and finishings so as to maintain their historical value.

5. Provide assistance for conservative restorations adhering to the original criteria.
6. Organizing exclusive events where the “golden dragons” come back together.

The four 15 Meter Class: Tuiga, Lady Anne, Mariska and Hispania. (Courtesy Studio Borlenghi)


Membership in the association is open to owners and lovers of the boats designed and built by William Fife. If you have been bewitched by the golden dragon of Fairlie, step forward, you are welcome


For further information contact us at: